Harry Potter Halloween Stencils

harry potter halloween stencils
harry potter halloween stencils

Last minute John egbert god tier cosplay!?

I’ve decided I wanted to do A john god tier cosplay from homestuck for halloween, and it’s in 5 days!
I don’t know if I can get the shirt in time offline, so i’ll have to make it. A long with his hood.
Any ideas to get this done before Wednesday!?

Here’s where to find pretty much everything you’ll need:


Hopefully you have a John wig on hand (or your natural hair is close enough), because there’s pretty much no way you’re going to get a wig shipped to you by now, but everything else should be attainable if you can do a craft/clothing store run tomorrow.

First, the shirt. Don’t worry about not being able to get the What Pumpkin shirt in time – it’s actually really off color-wise and you wouldn’t be able to use it anyway! Instead, you’ll need to find a blue shirt of the right shade somewhere (I wouldn’t suggest messing around with dying, it’s more of a hassle than this is worth and if you’re stupid like me you might accidentally dye one of your hands blue) and putting the symbol on using either fabric paint and stencils (http://www.stayathomeartist.com/2011/07/stencil-with-freezer-paper-harry-potter.html ) (here’s another tutorial if you need it: http://yamiforce.deviantart.com/art/Shirt-Stencil-Tutorial-Part-1-125162064?q=gallery%3Ayamiforce%2F13837179&qo=8 ), or buying felt of the right color and cutting it out and gluing/sewing it to your shirt (don’t have any tutorials for that, but it’s pretty straightforward I think). I’ve only ever tried the fabric paint method of applying stencils, so only the advice I can give you there is this: don’t try to be too quick about it. Make you sure you iron on the stencil ALL THE WAY, and make sure you apply a TON of paint to make sure you have an even opaque coat, or else you’re going to have to touch it up later and it’ll be tragic.

(PS – some paint might seep through the outlines of your stencil and make the edges of your symbol a little muddy – that’s what happened to mine – so along with ironing the crap out of your stencil, and being careful when doing the actual painting, you can erase some of the fabric paint afterwords using a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. It might lighten the color of the shirt a little though.)

Next, the hood. Here’s a tutorial that’ll tell you everything you need for that: http://electriccamel.deviantart.com/art/John-s-Hoodcape-Tutorial-183479519

For the shoes, buy a cheap pair of white canvas shoes and just paint them with fabric paint! Put tape around the part you’ll be coloring blue, then paint the yellow part, then take the tape off and color the rubber blue part with Sharpies.

As for the pants, all I can tell you is go hunting for a good pair of blue pants. I’ve heard that hospital scrubs happen to be the exact right shade of blue for this, but I have no idea where you’d get a hold of those in time. Instead, look for something comfortable, like elastic blue sweatpants, for the “comfy god pajamas” effect, and try to buy your shirt and sweatpants at the same time so that they don’t end up being different shades. Maybe you’re really good at sewing and could sew a pair of pants, but from what I’ve heard pants are among the hardest basic type of clothing to make, so I really wouldn’t suggest it if you’re unsure.

I’m not really sure about the glasses either – you wouldn’t happen to have a pair of rectangular frames already lying around, would you? Maybe a costume shop might sell the right shape of frames with some sort of “nerd” costume? Or, this would work better for Eridan’s frames than John’s, but – maybe you could pop out the lenses of one of those pairs of 3D glasses you get from movie theaters?

Of course, this is a Halloween costume, so you don’t have to be 100% accurate like you would with a con-ready cosplay. Remember that you can always remake things before you wear your godhood again. The most important thing, of course, is to have fun!

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